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I can now do 6k steps a day without ill effect. I can manage a mile without a stick almost reliably. My abs are *definitely* coming back. I've discovered Hotter brand shoes, which *don't hurt*. I don't eat gluten, cows' milk, soya, or black tea, on no evidence other than how sick they seem to make me. I'm hoping that when everything else gets better I can reintroduce again.

But right now I have lost my voice.


Rob went to America for a week. My mother came to stay, and to stay for A's birthday, but a family friend died the day before Rob came back so the day of his return we bought Mum a flight home and she's gone now.

While Rob was away, L had tonsillitis, E had some sort of something that made her temperature drop way down (we got it up to 36C with blankets, hot water bottles, and tea), and I shopped for L's school coat in the summer sale.

Almost as soon as Mum left, I lost my voice.

I'm going to write up some of the other stuff on Who Teaches Whom. It was pretty interesting.

3 months in health

It's three months since I last posted about my health.

I'm still getting dressed every day. I still have 4h/wk cleaners. I can walk most of a mile without a stick more than half the days. Hayfever is really kicking my butt. The Wii Fit says I'm obese and I am often inflated -- swollen joints and so on -- so I've gone up a clothes size again. I can't read much but I can read *some* which is more than I could a while ago.

I'm doing various things specifically to improve or slow deterioration of my health. I'm tracking my physical activity, and it's up from 2k steps to 3.5k steps most days without collapse; 10k still means significant collapse, and more than that means days and days of recovery. But I can see improvement. Which is good, because my arms were being murdered by the crutches.

I think my abdominal muscles are the thing I am missing most at the moment; while relying on crutches I lost them, and they're difficult to get back without sturdy hip joints. But when I *can* use them they work wonders for my ability to hold myself upright and walk.

I can't make a GP appt because the chances of being able to get there AND have the cognitive ability to articulate my needs are so slight. But I had a dentist appt and I'm fine there. If I continue to improve I can see a GP at the end of the summer, hopefully.

I can no longer tell whether I'm in constant pain or not. I'm definitely in almost constant discomfort, because bits of me are non-functional. Especially the typing bits.

I think now Rob's snoring is beginning to be under control again it might help; I definitely need better rest.

Whalesong and homeopathy time, I think.

SCOTUS says Yes

I've left my rainbow bunting up, because I'm still not tired of marriage without regard to gender, and in return the USA got a step more civilised.


I can't actually articulate how I feel about the Yes vote in Ireland. I spent the day of the vote crying and watching Twitter. I hardly slept the night before the count. I spent the day of the count crying and watching Twitter. Then I made rainbow bunting with the children and danced.

But there's more complicated things in there under the relief and joy. More complicated, less pleasant things. About marriage, and societal acceptance of non-straight persons, and all manner of things. I'm pretty bitter.

List of adjustments

Kettle I don't have to lift (Breville hotcup)
Second kettle in my bedroom so I can have drinks when I can't manage stairs
Second, smaller, fridge so I can have (and give children) breakfast and snacks when ditto
Walking stick
Shower stool
Cleaning service, 4 woman-hours a week at present, hoping to reduce
Budgeting for café time in every single outing, thank goodness for babycinos.
No gluten, dairy or soy
Often only drinking hot water as cold water makes me FREEZING and tea can make me sick

I might remember more later.

Making the right decisions

Well, cleaners was the right way to go, because now I'm able to get dressed every day and the children have even done some painting and other art stuff because I have the oomph to help.

Terry Pratchett is still dead, because that's how dead works. I don't approve.

I've taken steps to have a gardener come and help us dewinter the back garden so it's a good summer space. I usually do this myself but it's not worth the loss of energy. I *like* getting dressed every day.

I take the kids to Brownies now but I have to have a rest in the cafe after the walk there so that I can walk back, and the cafe closes just as Brownies starts, so I have to rest before Brownies, so I have to buy 3 kids drinks so we can all sit in the cafe. The good thing is that babycinos exist.

All my triumphs and achievements are so minor, so small, so trivial-seeming, but they are a big deal to me. I can shower standing up sometimes. I can walk around the block without crutches (it's a small block). I have been painting a little again.

I think I would like my world to be larger, and with more people in it. But it really depends on people coming to me, because I cannot go anywhere without a huge cost.


Traveling to Dublin to lie on a couch for a week was incredibly exhausting and made me really, really ill. The house has become so filthy that I'm paying cleaners MASSES to catch up on it before we decide on maintenance cleaning. I ended up in A&E with unexplained abdominal pain and some other symptoms and was rescued by a friend who sat with me and drive me home.

My eldest child will start school in September. She's looking forward to it, and I'm happy about the school she's chosen, and all that, but it's a big deal.

My days are very small now. I eat croissants from a packet in the morning because I can't manipulate cutlery until after I've eaten and fruit is too cold. Showering is a triumph. I can get dressed most days. I am not always in pain.

Being basically inactive is so strange. I hope summer fixes me.

Ta da list

  1. Got up before 8am
  2. Had shower
  3. Got dressed
  4. Tidied bathroom and set toothbrush to charge, toothbrush charger was disgusting, seriously how does that happen?!
  5. Took delivery of groceries, put some away
  6. Put on a load of laundry from the holiday
  7. Emptied and refilled the dishwasher
  8. Cleared mouldy food off table, dear god, ew
  9. Went to charity shop with three children, delivered donations and bought some things in my new, larger size
  10. Went to pharmacy to pick up hairties, chapstick etc
  11. Supervised kids doing some workbooks
  12. Booked Linnea's summer camp
  13. Booked my optician's appointment
  14. Paid a bill
  15. Let the electricity meter reader in
  16. Made enquiries about Linnea's summer school
  17. Registered for the potato council's educational growing kit
  18. Started sorting fluids for the trip on a plane in a few weeks. Carry-on only, the children are anxious about REALLY WANTING to bring (nail varnish, shower milk, detangler, whatever) so I'm trying to sort it out ahead of time. The good news is, because there are no children's fares any more, we have five adult cabin baggage allowances.
  19. In the last three days I have also booked all those flights, bus and taxi transfers etc.
  20. And I remembered to eat food.

Five weeks later

I have spent most of the past five weeks really really unwell. But I'm hopeful it's going to get better. After Christmas we spent a week at Centerparcs and I did tiny bits of cycling and lots of playing in the swimming pool, then we traveled back and the following day I was unable to stay awake for more than 10 minutes at a time, but that's ok.

Today we got out of the house in the daylight and ran some necessary errands, and I've made an appointment for an eye test, and the children are starting on their workbooks again. Emer has taught herself to crochet and Linnea's interest in Things And Stuff continues unabated. Astrid learned to swim while we were away and can now propel herself forwards in the water and breathe.

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