ailbhe 29y6m
Two magnificent babies were born to friends of mine on Monday this week. I'm delighted, because they have both been born to fabulous people, and a little worried, because both families are dealing with the anxious tedium of postnatal hospital stuff.

But BABIES yay I do like babies.

More ill health

ailbhe 29y6m
 The skin thing is shingles, and the antivirals make me incredibly sleepy. I've spent two days in bed with the children hanging around my room when they want to and refusing to come near when they don't. I feel rotten.

And of course I haven't posted my GP letter since because I haven't left the blasted house. Even though I both printed and signed it.

The good news is that Emer is listening to Stephen Fry's Harry Potter audiobooks and enjoying them hugely.


ailbhe 29y6m
Ow ick yuck ow hot phew gah.

I'm taking the skin on my back to the GP tomorrow. Today.

I printed a health letter!

ailbhe 29y6m
I'm going to see about getting some more of the 2004 birth injuries repaired. I'm just about ready now.

Also my ECG appointment is just after my birthday.

And if my skin still hurts tomorrow I'll go to the GP then too.

Look at me, I'm a grownup.


ailbhe 29y6m
I was directed to this graphic by a comment elsewhere, and I was struck by how useless the 1-10 scale is in general, and by how odd the "Activity tolerance scale" is. When Linnea was a baby I was frequently in too much pain to move, for large parts of many days, and... that was just how life was. We were much more worried by Rob's job being on the rocks. He'd go to work leaving me lying on the floor with the phone in arms reach and the baby on the floor beside me.

That pain was about a 6 or 7 on my personal 1-10 scale.

Nowadays, I am ALWAYS in pain to a level that interferes with tasks. Getting up in the morning, walking any distance, standing for any length of time, using the loo. I have no idea whether pain or lack of sleep is what affects my concentration but something does.

The level of pain I accept as normal is really, really messed up.


ailbhe 29y6m
I've spent the day in bed recovering from the lactose poisoning. And this evening I had a chat with Rob about the news about my amazingly persistent birth trauma and what we're going to do with it next. The novelty never ends, it's the gift that keeps on giving, it really is.

I think I'd like to find out how long this sort of surgery takes to arrange; if I go to see a GP in the next month or so how long will it be before I get to see a consultant, and how long after that for surgery? I don't really know where to start looking.

Health schmealth

ailbhe 29y6m
I've had like four ECGs and seen a lot of A&E lately, and today I had an appointment to get my Mirena checked in case it's an infection that's causing my sudden horrendous sweating and pain, and anyway through the diazepam fug she communicated to me that my genitals are really not amusing and that the rectocele is sufficiently exciting that it should be fixed, really, and she's sure it can be.


As far as I can tell the operation has a 6-12 week recovery period but I'll have to make a proper GP appointment to discuss it. And Diazepam is in lactose so I'm really bloody sick again. HOWEVER it would be awesome to have relatively comfortable canals and passages for the first time since I was 24. Not to mention the improved continence. So it's probably best to investigate.

25-35 seems like quite a long time, if it was fixable all along. Swearing and rude words.

And palpitations and chest pain.

Busy: DWCon, MyPlanet, Birthdays, Health

ailbhe 29y6m

We went for the official con, rather than the day before and after as usual. It was good, but I hope I never need to go to the Palace Hotel again - I'm STILL in pain and I didn't even waste hip points going to program items (I only went to things right beside a lift other than food and the children's play area, but even so it was a hell of a lot of walking with lots of ramps or stairs). There was a fire alarm at 5:30 on Saturday morning and because there were no ground floor rooms I had to walk down from the third floor with Astrid in my arms (Rob had to help the bigger girls, because they had just woken up and were terrified). I was able to do it but I almost collapsed afterwards and Emer helped me to the seat at a bus-stop.

It was lovely to meet people again and as usual my favourite program item was "staying up early with people in the bar."

MyPlanet Solar Systems

Actually, I would like to ask Rob for permission to post his timeline here, or perhaps he'll post it in comments. It's surreal in its extravagant incompetence.


Astrid is FOUR and Emer will be EIGHT TOMORROW. Holy wah. Neither wanted a big party. Which is just as well because no way am I energetic enough.


I've decided to try going gluten-free. If I feel better in a week I'll go gluten-tastic again and demand proper testing from the GP.


ailbhe 29y6m
Got dressed
Made bed
Made coffee
Brought in dry laundry, hung out wet
Put on a load of dirty laundry to wash
Sieved the dirt from the potato bags to fill another growbag for rhubarb, supervised children transplanting rhubarb.
Scrubbed Garden off a big yellow laundry basket which was used for... jasmine branches and half rotten apples, apparently. Ok.
Propped up two tomato plants which have been growing lush with neglect and are bound to die now.
Did ALL the budgeting and moving money around and paying bills
Discovered a dripping gutter at the back of the roof. Bah.
Cleaned a toilet and handbasin including washing sand and grit out of the plug mechanism jeepers what's wrong with a normal plug?
Sorted some things in the kitchen
Read Borrowers to Emer while she emptied the dishwasher s l o w l y

To do:
Wash the bathroom floor
Clean the WHOLE kitchen


ailbhe 29y6m
I think the last of the potatoes came up today. I've transplanted the rhubarb into their old dirt. And I'm in the process of painting a map of the garden, so I can use that to help plan... we have raised beds in our beady eyes.

We've had a tiny strawberry harvest, missed the ripening tomatoes on almost every occasion in exactly the way wildlife didn't, and have nasturtium leaves in salad. I harvested but didn't eat the red and black currants and will need to prune those properly this year if we're going to get any fruit next year.

The apples seem to be doing ok. I must work out which bits to prune. The fig tree is growing but not figifying. I need to crawl into a tiny spiky space to pick gooseberries.

And in inedible plant news, the montbretia from my mother's garden on Aran is flowering beautifully, and one of my two roses has little pink flowers. The bees are very few and far between but they seem to like the wildflower patches.

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