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  • Sun, 22:35: Oh god I'm rewatching #callthemidwife season one and I've just seen the terrible tea party.
  • Sun, 23:23: RT @tithenai: Let me explain, briefly, how this is affecting me directly right now. It's small, but may help those who keep reassuring me t…
  • Sun, 23:27: Content note, rape https://t.co/spkIenMEUK
  • Sun, 23:29: RT @nanglish: Lol imagine men at any other diocesan level having such courage. https://t.co/lkuf1sVL6p
  • Sun, 23:46: RT @MirandaKeeling: Teens on tube are talking about how though they speak three languages they pretend not to understand the one spoken whe…
  • Mon, 01:50: RT @PeterCashwell: To be fair, battle carrots developed almost entirely through artificial selection, though obviously the genetic traits w…
  • Mon, 02:34: Why do evacuations take place in individual cars rather than buses? Why don't they close roads and make them one way to double traffic flow?
  • Mon, 03:23: There's a remake of Roots on the BBC. I'm slightly afraid to watch it.


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Jan: Linda, Ellises, Ellie, Wags, BfN
Apr: MC?
Apr: 12 nights to .se with RLE
Jul: 2 nights camping?
Jan: 7 nights in .ie with LE
Feb: 8 nights in .ie with LE
(of which 2 with R)
Jun: 7 nights in .ie with RLE for a wedding
Jul: 7 nights in .ie with RLE
Aug: 5 nights at DWCon with RLE
Aug: 4 nights camping with RLE
Sep: 4 nights camping with LE
Nov: 7 nights holiday with RLE
Dec: 2 nights for Xmas
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