October 27th, 2005

Quick recap: list of things to write about

Trip to Ireland
Visiting R+N
Trip to Galway
Meeting Nana; buying boots
Trip to Aran
Waking up
Long walks
Phonecalls with Daddy
Trip to Galway
Trip to Dublin
Visiting R+N
Trip to England: Holyhead, Chester, not Crewe, Birmingham, Oxford, Reading
Chap in Reading Station who talked about Canada and responded to "I'm a full
 time mum," with "Well, that's a job in itself, isn't it?" which was slightly
 dismissive for some reason.
Home. Central heating. Space!
Morning. Furniture moving. More space!
No-one came to NCT coffee so I could have slept in.
Dinner out with a friend.
Letters while I was away: another Home Ed book has arrived for me. I have an
 appointment with the traumatic birth woman on 14 November, and one with a
 dermatologist about the vestibulitis (the pain I've had for almost 18 months
 now) on 24 January. This is crazy.
Linnea missed her Daddy and is afraid to sleep in case he goes away, as far as
 we can tell. Only one humane cure for that.

I hope to expand on these later.

Trip to Ireland

We got the train the morning the central heating installers came. Rob accompanied us to the station and we all had a cup of tea while waiting for the train, giving us a nice hour together as a family before Linnea and I left. On the train, she was a bit whingy, but settled down once I let her have a feed and a nap.

When she woke up, the fun started. We drew, and listened to music, and played with her teaset, and read her books, and looked out the windows (but trains move too fast nowadays, and you can't see much before it's gone). We ate lunch; a lovely rice salad Rob made us.

We had only one train-change before the ferry. We found the toddlers' play area, which was open - the other two trips we made, it was closed for refurbishment. It has a huge TV, and soft benches in stair-step style, and a work-area for lego with duplo underneath, and two hanging easels with colouring-in sheets mounted on them, and crayons. The drawing stations are at two different heights, a touch I like.

The TV was for DVDs. We saw some of Disney's Jungle Book 2, including the "WARNING This DVD is licensed for home use only" screen. We also tried to eat but the food was so awful we gave up.

niallm met us at the harbour in Dun Laoghaire and drove us back and Linnea fell asleep in the car, stayed asleep through transfer to a beanbag on the living room floor, and slept well all that night.

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