February 25th, 2007

Brief update

Mum's house is lovely, Midleton is lovely, there's a local cafe that does dairy-free chocolate cake made fresh, everywhere is in walking distance.

Since arriving, Linnea's coughed herself sick twice, I've had antibiotics for a lung infection, Emer's on them for a throat infection, and I bet Linnea gets them tomorrow when we take her back to the doctor because she's now talking like a boy whose voice is breaking. We've all had more than one day and night with a temperature over 39.5C.

However, I can and do leave the house, I sit at the table for almost every meal, I get dressed almost every day, I end up shaking all over a few times a day but it's not constant, and I look a lot less ill. It's amazing how fast muscles fade away though.

Rob is here now, and Mum has a landline, and so we have dial-up interwebs. I've been reading things online in spots so I'm probably missing a lot. Let me know if there's anything major.

Some people are being crapped on mightily from a height right now; I'm thinking of you. Would it help if I asked my local nuns to pray for you? I have access to a fair few nuns.

Oh! Linnea met her only cousins and Rob his only niblings! Oscar, Sadhbh and Orla have visited twice. It's lovely. Emer will be leaving her cast-offs for Orla, who is 18 months.

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